Yard Rescue performs a wide range of landscaping services, focused on 
            native plants and natural materials, and works closely with our clients 
            to ensure their satisfaction.

            If your yard has been neglected or become too much work, we can: 
            * Top-dress or re-sod tired lawns;
            * Trim, remove, and/or replace dead trees and shrubs;
            * Create, weed, refresh, or remove shrubs and flower beds; and,
      * Enhance privacy, safety, and aesthetics by repairing or installing decks 
               and fences, field-stone walkways, or other features.

      Our approach is iterative, developing and delivering a Yard Rescue Plan,
            based on your preferences for feature size, shape, location, and colour, 
            to meet your needs, tastes, and budget.
            Please note that while most of our yard rescues are done on a modest budget, 
      and we enjoy helping seniors maintain their properties, we have tackled 
            bigger jobs, such as re-integrating the 1938 home shown below into with its
            historic natural surroundings on six acres in Toronto’s Bridle Path.
            Please access our Landscaping Portfolio or our Fence and Deck Portfolio to 
            see the wide variety of customer needs that we have addressed, and feel 
            free to contact us, as below, to arrange a free initial consultation.

      Call or text Andrew at 416 231 9484 or via andrew at yardrescue dot ca.